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The Marlborough Police Patrol Officers Association would like to welcome you to our homepage. Our intention is to help the community understand what we do as an organization and to assist in getting our thoughts to those that have supported us for so long!


  • Facebook: We have decided that maintaining this website is too costly for the amount of website traffic we get. In March 2017 this website will become inactive and all of our updates will be done through FaceBook. Make sure to Like us on Facebook (link to the left) to keep up to date!

  • MPPOA Fundraiser: The MPPOA has began our 2016 fundraising drive. We ARE FUNDRAISING at this time. During our drive in 2014, we began with a mailing because we recognize you get enough phone calls at home requesting donations. As always, your donations enable us to assist our members in case of catastrophic injury to make sure they and their families are provided for. Thankfully, we have not had to do so often so we support many organizations which further the cause of law enforcement and also your community. If you're curious as to whom we have helped with your contributions, check out this page.

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